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List of Articles: Volume 13, no. 2
Citation Study of Library and Information Science Dissertations for Collection Development
Authors: Yeap Chun Keat,Kiran Kaur ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,
Difference among Ranking Algorithms of Different Web Search Tools: A Statistical Approach
Authors: Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam,Vahid Ranjbar,
Categories: Information Retrieval,
Evaluating Userís Level of Satisfaction with the Chinese Studies Collection held at an Academic Libr
Authors: Chia Yip Ping ,Edzan, N.N. ,
Categories: Collection Development,Special libraries,
Homi Jehangir Bhabha: His Collaborators, Citation Identity, and his Citation Image Makers
Authors: T. Swarna ,V.L. Kalyane ,Vijai Kumar ,
Categories: Authorship studies,Bibliometrics,Scientometrics,
How Students use E-Books Ė Reading or Referring?
Authors: A.Noorhidawati,Forbes Gibb,
Categories: Digital Libraries,Information Resources,
Indonesian Librariansí Efforts to Adapt and Revise the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)íS Notation
Authors: L.Sulistyo-Basuki,Alit Sri Mulyani ,
Categories: Catalogs, Cataloging and Classification,
Investigating the Correlates and Predictors of Job Satisfaction among Malaysian Academic Librarians
Authors: Noor Harun Abdul Karim,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Academic Libraries,
Journal Bibliometric Analysis: A Case Study on the JASIST
Authors: Ming-yueh Tsay ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Journal Studies,

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