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List of Articles: Volume 15, no. 3
A scientometric analysis of health and population research in South Asia: focus on two research organizations
Authors: Dilruba Mahbuba,Ronald Rousseau ,Divya Srivastava ,
Categories: Citation Studies,Productivity Studies,Scientometrics,
An investigation of research on evolution of altruism using informetric methods and the growing hierarchical self-organizing map
Authors: Yu-Hsiang Yang ,Rua-Huan Tsaih ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Scientometrics,
Aspects of size and geography of African cyberspace
Authors: Williams Nwagwu ,Tolulope Ibitola ,
Categories: Internet Studies,
Global visibility of Asian universitiesí Open Access institutional repositories
Authors: Abrizah Abdullah ,A.Noorhidawati,Kiran Kaur ,
Categories: Digital Libraries,
Google Scholar as a source for citation and impact analysis for a non-ISI indexed medical journal
Authors: S. A. Sanni ,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Journal Studies,
Librarians' role as change agents for institutional repositories: A case of Malaysian academic librarians
Authors: Katayoon Kamraninia,Abrizah Abdullah ,
Categories: Digital Libraries,Open Access Publishing,
Open Access repositories and journals for visibility: Implications for Malaysian libraries
Authors: Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Open Access Publishing,
Research productivity and impact of Library and Information Science in the Web of Science
Authors: Mohammad Amin Erfanmanesh ,Fereshteh Didegah,Sepideh Omidvar ,
Categories: Productivity Studies,Scientometrics,
The impact of work related variables on librariansí organizational commitment and job satisfaction
Authors: Noor Harun Abdul Karim,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Performance Measurement & Evaluation,Academic Libraries,
The role of academic libraries in facilitating postgraduate studentsí research
Authors: Aamir Rasul ,Singh Diljit ,
Categories: Academic Libraries,

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