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List of Articles: Volume 5, No. 1
Application of Statistical Models to the Collaborative Publication Data in Theoretical Population Genetics
Authors: Gupta, B.M. ,Karisiddappa, C.R. ,
Categories: Authorship studies,Bibliometrics,Cooperation & collaboration,
Channels of Published Research Communication Used by Malaysian Authors in Computer Science and Infomation Technology
Authors: Gu, Y. ,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Authorship studies,Communication Behaviour,Productivity Studies,
Characteristics of Self-Citation in Journal of Natural Rubber Research 1988-1997: a Ten-Year Bibliometric Study
Authors: Tiew Wai Sin ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Journal Studies,
Malaysian Legal Sources: Print
Authors: Edzan, N.N. ,
Publication Productivity, Focus on Institutional, Collaborative and Communicational Correlates: A Review of Literature
Authors: Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Communication Behaviour,Cooperation & collaboration,Productivity Studies,
Using Portal Technologies to Develop the Common User Interface (CUI)
Authors: Lim, Edward ,
Categories: Computer Application in Information Science,Information Systems,Internet Studies,

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