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List of Articles: Volume 6, No. 2
An Effective Algorithm for Optimal K-terminal Reliability of Distributed Systems
Authors: Chin- Ching Chiu ,Yi-Shiung Yeh ,Jue-Sam Chou ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Consumer Health Information: a Brief Critique on Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour
Authors: Ferida Enolil Mustapha Khalil ,
Categories: Information Resources,Information use, need, seeking,User Studies,
Drivers and Impediments to E-commerce in Malaysia
Authors: John Paynter ,Jackie Lim ,
Categories: E-Commerce,Information use, need, seeking,Internet Studies,
Malaysian Internet Users Motivation and Concerns for Online Shopping
Authors: Norazah Mohd. Saki ,
Categories: E-Commerce,Information use, need, seeking,Internet Studies,
National and International Developments on Copyright and Rights in Databases
Authors: Khong, W.K. ,
Categories: Databases,Information Systems,Legal issues in IS,
Scientometric Portrait of Nobel Laureate Ahmed Hassan Zewail
Authors: Kademani, B.S. ,V.L. Kalyane ,Vijai Kumar ,
Categories: Authorship studies,Bibliometrics,Scientometrics,
The Critical Success Factors that Influence Organizations to Adopt Internet Technology
Authors: Lloyed Yew King Tam ,
Categories: Computer Application in Information Science,Internet Studies,Management of Information Centres,

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