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List of Articles: Volume. 18, no.2
Controversies arising from which similarity measures can be used in co-citation analysis
Authors: Eustache Męgnigbęto,
Categories: Citation Studies,
Evaluating the growth pattern and relative performance in Nipah virus research from 1999 to 2010
Authors: S. A. Sanni ,H. Safahieh ,Zainab Awang Ngah ,Abrizah Abdullah ,R.G. Raj,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Scientometrics,
High-impact papers published in journals listed in the field of chemical engineering
Authors: Kun-Yang Chuang,Ming-Huang Wang,Yuh-Shan Ho ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Productivity Studies,Scientometrics,
On giant components in research collaboration networks: Case of engineering disciplines in Malaysia
Authors: Sameer Kumar,Jariah Mohd.Jan,
Categories: Cooperation & collaboration,Productivity Studies,Scientometrics,
Research trends in library and information science based on Spanish scientific publication 2000 to 2010
Authors: Anna Kawalec,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Productivity Studies,
The ranking of Iranian universities based on an improved technique
Authors: Mohammad Reza Ghane,Mahmood Khosrowjerdi,Zahra Azizkhani,
Categories: Performance Measurement & Evaluation,Productivity Studies,
The scientific map of medicine in Iran: Category co-citation analysis
Authors: Nadjla Hariri ,Maryam Shekofteh,
Categories: Citation Studies,Scientometrics,

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