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List of Articles: Volume. 18, no.3
Adoption of Public Library 2.0: Librarians’ and teens’ perspective
Authors: M. Ismail Abidin,K. Kiran,Abrizah Abdullah ,
Categories: Public libraries,Social media,
Agricultural information needs of Pakistani farmers
Authors: Muhammad Asif Naveed,Mumtaz A. Anwar,
Applying Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation theory to the acceptance of online databases at University Zone of Iran
Authors: F. Nazari,F. Khosravi ,Fahimeh Babalhavaeji,
Categories: Academic Libraries,
Are Chinese nanoscience citation curves converging towards their American counterparts?
Authors: Xiaojun Hu,Ronald Rousseau ,
Categories: Citation Studies,
Information behaviour of cardiac patients
Authors: Abdus Sattar Chauhdry,Zainab Meer,
Categories: Information use, need, seeking,
Investigating the effects of students’ major and bibliographic instruction programme on library anxiety sub-scale, ‘barriers with staff’
Authors: Noor Harun Abdul Karim,Novera Afaq Ansari ,
Categories: Academic Libraries,Library anxiety,
Why do children in Singapore read? An exploratory study
Authors: Pattarin Kusolpalin,Brendan Luyt,Yasmin Lynda Munro,Sieu Pin Lim,
Categories: Reading Habits,Public libraries,

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