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List of Articles: Volume 19, no.3
A comparison of citation coverage of traditional and web citation databases in medical science
Authors: Shahin Rahimi,V.Chandrakumar,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Databases,
A general theory of minimal increments for Hirsch-type indices and applications to the mathematical
Authors: L.Egghe,
Categories: Citation Studies,Scientometrics,
Digital library education in Iran: Perspectives of Library & Information Science educators and academic librarians
Authors: Behrooz Rasuli,Nader Naghshineh,
Categories: Digital Libraries,Library science,
Malay philologists’ acceptance of an e-workspace to support teaching, learning and researching manu
Authors: Z. Zahidah,A. Noorhidawati,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Digital Libraries,Information use, need, seeking,User Studies,
Personafying academic librarians’ social media presence
Authors: Niusha Zoohorian-Fooladi,Abrizah Abdullah ,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Academic Libraries,Social media,
The growth and decay of URLs citation: A case of an online Library & Information Science journal
Authors: Sumeer Gul,Iram Mahajan,Asifa Ali,
Categories: Citation Studies,Informetrics,Internet Studies,

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