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List of Articles: Volume 22, No 2
A co-authorship network-based method for understanding the evolution of a research area: A case of information systems research
Authors: Fangfang Wei,Guijie Zhang,Yuqiang Feng,Luning Liu,Zhen Shao,
Categories: Information Systems,Productivity Studies,Scientometrics,
Bibliometric patterns and indicators of research collaboration of Egyptian health scientists: 1980
Authors: Ibrahim Shehatta,Khalid Mahmood,
Categories: Bibliometrics,
Characteristics of Malaysian highly cited papers
Authors: A. Noorhidawati,M.K. Yanti Idaya Aspura,M.N. Zahila,Abrizah Abdullah ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,
Collaborative information behaviour of butterfly farmers in Eastern Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
Authors: Faraja Ndumbaro,Stephen M. Mutula,
Categories: Information Behaviour,Knowldege Sharing,
Knowledge sharing practices in informal scholarly communication amongst academics in Poland
Authors: Marzena Swigon,
Categories: Knowldege Sharing,Scholarly communication,
Recovery of vanished URLs: Comparing the efficiency of Internet Archive and Google
Authors: D. Vinay Kumar,B. T. Sampath Kumar,
Categories: Citation Studies,Internet Studies,
Scientific collaboration of Library & Information Science research in China (2012-2013)
Authors: Munazza Jabeen,Muhammad Imran,Kamal Badar,Muhammad Rafiq,Misbah Jabeen ,Liu Yun,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,

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