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List of Articles: Volume 3, No. 2
Adequacy of collections in Malaysian Agricultural Libraries
Authors: Majid, Shaheen ,Mumtaz Ali Anwar ,S. Eisenschitz Tamara ,
Electronic Mail: a Useful Communication Tool for the College Student
Authors: Malini Krishnamurthi ,
Journal of Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS) 1987-1996: a Ten-Year Bibliometric Analysis
Authors: Tiew Wai Sin ,
Library and Information Science Literature in Bangladesh: a Bibliometric Study
Authors: Khan M.Shamsul Islam ,Zabed Ahmed S.M. ,Uddin Munshi Md. Nasir ,Akhter Nilufar ,
Nature and Type of Collaborative Research as Reflected in Selected Theoretical Population Genetics Literature
Authors: Gupta, B.M. ,Karisiddappa, C.R. ,
Resource Sharing and Information Networking of Libraries in Bangladesh: A Study on User Satisfaction
Authors: Mannan S.M. ,Bose Manik Lal ,
The Use of Internet Among Malaysian Librarians
Authors: Singh Diljit ,

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