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List of Articles: Volume 9, No. 2
Faculty Awareness on the Collection Development of the International Islamic University Library
Authors: Mohd Zain Abdul Rahman,Siti Hawa Darus,
Categories: Collection Development,Information professionals and librarians,
Information Needs Assessment for Small Scale Business Community in Zambia: Case Study of Chisokone M
Authors: Banda, Charles,Mutula, Stephen M. ,Grand, Balulwami,
Categories: Information use, need, seeking,
Information Skills: Perspectives and Alternatives in Search Strategies
Authors: Juhana Salim ,Ding Choo Ming ,
Categories: Information literacy,Information Retrieval,
Legal Deposit of Electronic Publications in Malaysia: 1988-2000
Authors: Shahrozat Ibrahim,Edzan, N.N. ,
Categories: Legal issues in IS,
Physics Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Ketterle: A Scientometric Portrait
Authors: M.M. Koganuramah ,Mallikarjun Angadi ,Kademani, B.S. ,V.L. Kalyane ,Jange, Suresh ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Scientometrics,
The Status of Reading Habit and Interests among Secondary School Children in Sri Lanka
Authors: Abeyrathna, P.H.A.S ,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: School libraries,Reading Habits,
Undergraduates in Computer Science and Information Technology using the Internet as a Resource
Authors: Mohd. Sharif Mohd Saad ,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Information literacy,Information use, need, seeking,Internet Studies,

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