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List of Articles: Volume 12, No. 1
A Global Search for Universal Models of Education and Training in Electronic Records Management
Authors: Rusnah Johare,
Categories: Library science education,Records Management,
Academic Medical Librarians in Malaysia: What Roles Do They Play?
Authors: Santra, Namita,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Academic Libraries,
Economic Botany: A Bibliometric Study
Authors: Bidhan Ch. Biswas,Amit Roy,B. K. Sen ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,
Identifying What Services Need To Be Improved by Measuring the Library's Performance
Authors: Roslah Johari,Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Performance Measurement & Evaluation,
Internet Access in Kenyan University Libraries Since 1990s
Authors: Odero, Damaris JN,Mutula, Stephen M. ,
Categories: Internet Studies,Academic Libraries,
Team Learning in a Learning Organization: The Practices of Team Learning Among University Librarians in Malaysia
Authors: Norliya Ahmad Kassim,Azizah Mohd Nor,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Academic Libraries,
Tracing Information Literacy of Computer Science Undergraduates: A Content Analysis of Students' Academic Exercise
Authors: Edzan, N.N. ,
Categories: Information literacy,

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