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List of Articles: Volume 13, no.1
Analyzing Corporate Job Market for Developing Information and Knowledge Professionals: The Case of a
Authors: Sajjad ur Rehman ,
Categories: Information Management,Information professionals and librarians,
Faculty Awareness and Use of Library Information Products and Services in Nigerian Universities
Authors: S.O. Popoola ,
Categories: User Studies,Academic Libraries,
Gender Differences in Computer Literacy among Undergraduate Students at the University of Botswana:
Authors: Adeyinka Tella,Mutula, Stephen M. ,
Categories: Information literacy,User Studies,
Internationalization of Malaysian Mathematical and Computer Science Journals
Authors: Zainab Awang Ngah ,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Journal Studies,
Malay Schools and School Libraries in the Straits Settlements under British Colonial Rule before the Second World War,1876-1941
Authors: Lim Peng Han,
Categories: School libraries,
Nutrition Literature of Bangladesh: A Bibliometric Study
Authors: Zabed Ahmed S.M. ,Md. Anisur Rahman,
Categories: Bibliometrics,
Perceptions of Organizational Learning Practices among Yemeni University Librarians
Authors: Khaled Ateik Saeed Abdullah ,Norliya Ahmad Kassim,
Categories: Information professionals and librarians,Academic Libraries,
The Malaysian Journal Of Library And Information Science 2001-2006: A Bibliometric Study
Authors: Aryati Bakeri,Peter Willet,
Categories: Bibliometrics,Citation Studies,Journal Studies,

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