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Title:An empirical relation between k-shells and the h-index in scale-free networks
Auhtor(s): Fred Y. Ye,Star X. Zhao,Ronald Rousseau ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:16, No 3
Keywords:h-index; k-shells; Power laws; Graphs; Scale-free networks
Abstract:After clarifying the definitions of h-index and k-shells in a graph, it is shown that the largest k value for which there exists a non-empty k-shell, denoted as kmax(G), satisfies the relation kmax(G) = h(G) , where h(G) is the degree h-index of graph G. Next we determine an empirical relation between the h-index, the number of nodes in a small scale-free network, i.e. with maximum degree centrality < 100, and the coreness and degree centrality of its nodes. In this contribution we embed the information sciences among other fields involved in network studies.

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