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Title:Co-authorship network of scientometrics research collaboration
Auhtor(s): Mohammad Amin Erfanmanesh ,Vala Ali Rohani,Abrizah Abdullah ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:17, No 3
Keywords:Social Network Analysis; Co-authorship collaborative network; Centrality measures; Degree centrality; Closeness centrality; Betweenness centrality
Abstract:This paper examines the co-authorship network in the field of scientometrics using social network analysis techniques with the aim of developing an understanding of research collaboration in this scientific community. Using co-authorship data from 3125 articles published in the journal Scientometrics with a time span of more than three decades (1980-2012), we construct an evolving co-authorship network and calculate three centrality measures (closeness, betweenness, and degree) for 3024 authors, 1207 institutions, 68 countries and 22 academic fields in this network. This paper also discusses the usability of centrality measures in author ranking, and suggests that centrality measures can be useful indicators for impact analysis. Findings revealed that scientometrics was not dominated by a couple of key researchers as quite a significant number of popular researchers were identified. The United States occupies the topmost position in all measures except for degree centrality. The most active, central and collaborative academic discipline in scientometrics is Information & Library Science.

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