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Title:Information behaviour of cardiac patients
Auhtor(s): Abdus Sattar Chauhdry,Zainab Meer,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:18, No 3
Keywords:Health information; Information needs; Information seeking; Cardiac patients; Kuwait.
Abstract:Information behaviour focuses on how people find and use information for work or personal needs. This study reports on the interviews with 50 cardiac patients in a Kuwaiti hospital that revealed their information needs on risk factors, alternative treatment, diet and exercise. They felt more confident if they sought information themselves or through their family members. Cardiac patients feel that health information has changed the way they eat and exercise. Internet is currently not a frequent source of information for most cardiac patients in Kuwait. Those who use Internet, depend on search engines as the primary means for finding information. It is suggested that further research looks into sharing of information among cardiac patients through social media and popular social networking sites.

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