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Title:A basic indicator for relative contributions and a remarkable difference between a ratio of averages
Auhtor(s): L.Egghe,Ronald Rousseau ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:19, No 1
Keywords:Average of ratios (AoR); Ratio of averages (RoA); Relative contribution index; Independence
Abstract:This article has been inspired by the activity index and problems in its proper understanding. It studies a basic relative contribution index which is placed in the context of countries’ publication contributions. Two versions are proposed: one being an average of ratios (AoR) and the other one a ratio of averages (RoA). A Lotkaian-Zipfian framework is used to model the two versions of the proposed indicator. A remarkable difference between the two approaches (RoA vs. AoR) is found when determining the fraction of units (countries) that have a value larger than one. This observation contributes to the understanding of the differences between these two approaches.

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