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Title:The effects of personality traits on business intelligence usage: A decision-making perspective
Auhtor(s): Yu-Wei Chang,Ping-Yu Hsu,Wen-Lung Shiau,Zeng-Yuan Wu,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:20, No 2
Keywords:Decision making; Business intelligence; Personality trait; Five-factor model; BDB model; Behavioral intention
Abstract:Business intelligence (BI) has been widely employed to manage and refine vast stocks of data. However, to date, very little attention has been paid personality traits on different BI usage patterns. The purpose of this study is mainly to investigate the effects of personality traits on BI usage intentions. The Bagozzi, Dholakia and Basuroy (BDB) model and a personality framework are used in this study. By collecting data of 354 managers from China and Taiwan, we empirically examine the proposed model. The results show that conscientiousness and openness to experience are significantly related to the intention to read information and the desire to exchange reports, respectively. Additionally, the intention to read information directly or indirectly influences the intention to create reports through the desire to exchange reports. The findings can help organizations select users with suitable traits to boost usage patterns during BI implementation.

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