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Title:Characteristics of Self-Citation in Journal of Natural Rubber Research 1988-1997: a Ten-Year Bibliometric Study
Auhtor(s): Tiew Wai Sin ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:5, No 1
Keywords:Rubber Research, Journal Self-citation, Author Self-citation, Self-citation, Natural Rubber, Citation Analysis, Bibliometrics, Malaysia.
Abstract:Analyses the extent of journal self-citation and author self-citation in the research articles and short communications published in Journal of Natural Rubber Research during 1988 to 1997. Results show that 53% of articles contained journal self-citations; the rate of journal self-citations per article ranges between 1 to 12; a high percentage of authors (61.4%) contributing articles to the journal cited themselves; a tendency is noticed for authors affiliated to the institution publishing the journal to cite the journal; the highest self-citing author is A. D. Roberts.

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