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Title:Information accessibility for students with disability: An exploratory study of Pakistan
Auhtor(s): Sania Awais,Kanwal Ameen,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:20, No 2
Keywords:Information accessibility, equality, diversity, students with disabilities, accommodation, Inclusion in Libraries, Library services
Abstract:Pakistan is signatory to the ‘Convention on the Right of Person with disabilities’ which reiterates upon equal right of information accessibility (United Nation/ Division for Social Policy and Development ,2006). This exploratory research study aimed to investigate the actual situation of information accessibility of students with disability (SWDs) in Lahore city of Pakistan. It was a qualitative study which employed both interview and reality verifying observation technique for gathering data from school and college students with various disabilities. It has been found that only family members and teachers support the SWDs in seeking information. Schools hardly provide required information services to the SWDs. Same is the case with colleges. The desired steps have been recommended to enhance information accessibility to such students. It is recommended that they must be provided with library having trained staff, and the library should be at accessible place having reading material in suitable alternate formats. This study is an effort for generating awareness among all stake holders like, Government, NGOs, educational institutions and Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals along with the students with disabilities for equal information accessibility, not only in Pakistan but other countries in South Asia also due to similar conditions.

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