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Title:China's scientific footprint in the global HIV/AIDS research: Productivity, impact and collaboration
Auhtor(s): Ping Liu,Xiangming Mu,Hao Xie,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:21, No 1
Keywords:Bibliometrics; Research performance; Scientific productivity; HIV/AIDS research; China
Abstract:HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death by infectious diseases in China, a country with the largest population in the world. China has made great efforts and progress in studying, treating, and controlling HIV/AIDS in the past 15 years. This situation calls the need for systematic analysis of the status and capability of China in the global HIV/AIDS research. It will facilitate the world to integrate and utilize resources from China infighting against the disease. A bibliometric analysis in HIV/AIDS research of China was conducted for the period 2000-2014. HIV/AIDS articles and citations were measured as research productivity. A set of indices were examined to explore China's scientific foot print in the global HIV/AIDS research. China has exhibited higher-than-average research performance since 2008. Two stages of HIV/AIDS research development have been identified as in 2000-2005 and 2005-2014. Major HIV/AIDS research institutions and scientists in China have been detected. Co-citation analysis of publications revealed important publications that acted as intellectual turning points of China’s HIV/AIDS research evolution during 2000-2014. Co-occurring keywords analysis revealed important and center terms of HIV/AIDS research publications from China. Combinations of related issues show that the HIV/AIDS research is currently focused on the “epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in China” and “molecular mechanisms of HIV/AIDS infection”.

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