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Title:The prevalence of synchronous selfcitation practices at the institutional level
Auhtor(s): Sumeer Gul,Tariq Ahmad Shah,Huma Shafiq,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:22, No 1
Keywords:Self-references; Self-citations; Synchronous self-citations; Author self-citations; University of Kashmir, India
Abstract:Self-citation behaviour of authors affiliated to an institution was studied through synchronous selfcitation analysis. From 2004 through 2015, Web of Science and SciVerse Scopus databases indexed a total of 1503 articles by authors affiliated to a university in India. Self-citations were prevalent in 62.23 percent of works and significant difference is observed in self-citation pattern with regard to co-authorship, size of reference list, authors’ productivity, citation age, citation over time, and reputation of source publications. Statistically positive correlation is observed between number of co-authors and number of self-citations (p<.01.). Inter-institutional collaborative works attract more self-citations than works of intra-institutional efforts (p<.01.). Significant positive correlation exists between authors’ productivity and share of self-citations (p<.01.). Regarding the currency of selfcitations, authors tend to cite more of their recent works than the works of others. Articles published in Journal Citation Reports (JCR) indexed sources have more number of self-citations than articles published in JCR excluded sources (p<.01.).

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