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Title:Bibliometric Dimension of Innovation Communication Productivity of Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Auhtor(s): M.M. Koganuramah ,Mallikarjun Angadi ,B.S. Kademani ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:7, No 1
Keywords:Bibliometrics; Individual institution; Publication productivity; Authorship pattern; Collaboration Coefficient; Channels of communication; TISS; Social Sciences.
Abstract:Bibliometric analysis of 663 papers published by the social scientists of Tata Institute of Social Sciences during 1990-2000 in diverse domains in the social sciences were analysed for authorship pattern and collaboration. The results indicate that the collaboration co-efficient of the 613 single-authored papers is 92.46 percent, followed by 6.33 percent (42 papers) two authored papers. Maximum collaboration coefficient (0.13) was found during 1996-1997. The most prolific authors were: Murli Desai, Sarthy Acharya, Lakshmi Lingam, I.U.B. Reddy, Kailash, Shalini Bharat, and Chhaya Datar, publishing between 20-38 papers each. The core journals publishing TISS papers were: Indian Journal of Social Work (98), Economic and Political Weekly (26), Perspective of Social work (7), and All India Institute of Local Self Government (5).

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