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Title:Outstandingly Cited And Most Significant Publications Of R. Chidambaram, A Nuclear Physicist
Auhtor(s): B.S. Kademani ,V.L. Kalyane ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:1, No 1
Keywords:Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Citation analysis, Synchronous self-citation, Diachronous self-citations, Scientometrics, Bibliometrics, Research productivity, Impact factor, Immediacy index, Nuclear scientist, R. Chidambaram.
Abstract:Analyses 164 papers by R. Chidambaram, a nuclear physicist from India, published during 1958-93, and identifies highly cited papers as per Science Citation Index. His self evaluated 'most significant publications' were also considered and it is found that the self assessment by a scientist about the significance of his papers may not always tally with the world's opinion. The citation data were subjected to domain-wise and category-wise classification,and used to study time lag for receiving first citation to each paper, synchronous and diachronous self-citations, core journals in which his publications were published, publication density, publication concentration, journals in which his publications were cited, and influence of channels of communications and authorships on citedness.

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