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Title:An Overview Of Electronic Publishing
Auhtor(s): T.C. Ling ,Mashkuri Haji Yaacob ,K. K. Phang ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:1, No 2
Keywords:Online publishing, Electronic publishing, Communication channels, Scholarly journal publishing, Electronically assisted publishing, Standard electronic document format, Data only format, Display based format, Structured markup format, Hypertext Markup Language
Abstract:Provides a definition on electronic publishing, as well as the various components including the necessary infrastructure, the technology required, the production proces-ses and the means of distribution. Some brief accounts of exemplary models of electro-nic publishing are given and discussed. The main issues and problems which may be encountered when migrating from print to electronic publishing are also addressed. These include SGML or HTML marking-up of archive. Indicate transactions data re-ceived by the Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, a prototype electronic journal.

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