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Title:Unesco Public Library Manifesto, 1994
Auhtor(s): Afifa Rahman ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:1, No 2
Keywords:Public libraries, Informal education, Information provider, Community development services, Eradication of illiteracy, Resource sharing
Abstract:Three definitions of public library provided by Unesco during 1949 to 1994 to cater to the needs of the changing society were widely acclaimed by the professionals, educators and commoners. Unesco declared public library as a living force that provides education, information and recreation. All the three definitions depict the public library as a responsible institution for the overall development of the community and reflect modern trends of services provided by the public library. The 1994 definition is a remarkable one inasmuch as it links the public library with the eradication of illiteracy from the community and the development of computer literacy skills for the community. Moreover, the definition encompasses networking among the different types of libraries, resource sharing and encourages creative urge of the young people and popularizes the performing arts. It is urged that Unesco should consider the unhappy situations of public libraries in many underdeveloped countries and help bridge the gap between the information rich and information poor nations.

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