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Title:An Approach for Multi-User Access to Library Full-Text Cd-Rom Database Via the Campus Network
Auhtor(s): Ruey-Shun Chen ,Yi-Shiung Yeh ,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science
Volume:2, No 1
Keywords:Distributed networks; CD-ROM jukebox; Campus network; Multiuser access
Abstract:The Library CD-ROM jukebox with its enormous storage, retrieval capabilities and reasonable price is gradually replacing some of its counterparts. One of the greatest limitations in using the standalone CD-ROM jukebox is that only one user can access the CD-ROM jukebox database at a time. This paper describes the practical design and implementation of a microcomputer-based system with a Novell server that allows multi-user access to the library CD-ROM jukebox database via the campus network. Microcomputers are linked via standard network interfaces like Ethernet, high speed fibre networks and standard protocols (TCP/IP and IP tunnels) to login to a Novell server. Advantages of such a system includes, reduction in waiting time, improved access speed and reducing the damagethrough constant user handling of jukebox CD-ROM devices.

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